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Listen to the song called Perfect by Fairground Attraction. We all are so happy that Monica is such a great singer!


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If we think about pop music, it’s impossible not to remember The Beatles. They hit the charts in the 1960s and took popular music to a whole new level. Their music and image were totally different from anything that had come before.

With this webquest you are going to learn about them, and I hope you enjoy their music as well!

These worksheets will also be useful for you:

The History of The Beatles

The members of The Beatles

In our next music classes, we will analyse some Beatles songs. They are examples of pop song structure:

A pop song usually starts with an Intro. Then it has a a verse-chorus-verse structure.
All the verses have the same tune but the lyrics are different each time.
The lyrics and tune of the chorus stay the same each time.
Sometimes these two parts are connected by a bridge which sounds different to keep it interesting. The bridge can have lyrics or be instrumental. If it does have lyrics they will be different to the verse and chorus.
Finally at the end there is a coda or outro. It can either be a big finish ending or fade out gradually.

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Read the material used in the Music class and here you can answer ten questions about him.

Practice on the virtual piano the famous ‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star’. But, what’s the relationship between Mozart and this tune? In this article you will find the answer.

Listen to this fantastic young pianist playing the 12 variations:

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Hi again, bilingual students!

This is our first ‘song of the week’. It’s a song by Justin Bieber called ‘Baby’. Watch the video:

Do you like this song? Write your comments below. Try to learn the lyrics and answer the following questions:
– Who is Justin Bieber?
– How old is he?
– How was he discovered?
– What is this song about?

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Feeling tempo

Hi there, bilingual students!

As you already know, tempo is the speed of music. With this game you will practice and experiece tempo using the metronome, a device that tells us the number of beats per minute. Enjoy it!

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During the Renaissance instrumental music developed considerably. Most of the medieval instruments continued to be used, but they were improved.

One of the most important instruments during the Renaissance was the viol. It was built in different sizes and grouped in a family called viol consort:

Another important Renaissance instrument was the lute:

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Musical instruments

Hi, bilingual students!

How much do you know about musical instruments? Have a look at this presentation about the instruments of the orchestra:

After that, do these pictures vocabulary exercises. Also, help Mighty Music Man recover the instruments. As a final task about musical instruments, print this worksheet and fill it in. You will get an extra point!

Now, we are going to learn about the orchestra. Please, read this article about Benjamin Britten. Write down in your notebook some information about him. Also, watch this video, it’s from his most famous work:

What’s the title of this composition? Write down in your notebook the order of the orchestral families performing the theme. Also, here you will find a game on this musical work. Good luck!

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